Our Past

Before Christian Jewelry was founded there was time that me and my wife purely lived for ourselves. We were spiritually lost and we were looking for something not knowing what that something was. God came into our lives, and now we want to be devoted to Him and His views. Love others as you love yourself.

Christian Jewelry

Our Future with Christian Jewelry

When God placed His desire into our hearts to create Christian Jewelry we knew¬†we wanted to give Him the first 10%. We treat you like we would want to be treated because we are customers too. The goal behind Christian Jewelry and it’s products is to share and inspire people to see God in everything we do. We are not perfect but in Him we can be. Our Christian morals and values are extremely important to us.

You in the center of our business.

Our customers will always come first and therefore we offer premium customer service including phone support*, e-mail support, and live chat*. You always come first.

We also have a Frequent Asked Questions section on our website in case you got questions about our store or products.

100% customer satisfaction not less and therefore we carefully handpick each of our items very carefully for quality durability and appearance with excellent prices.

Nationwide Free Delivery.
100% Money Back Guaranteed.
Secure Shopping: Shop with with a peace of mind with high encryption and transactions
We wish you a great Shopping experience with us and we are happy to serve you.

Taco & Jenny Fortgens

founders Christian Jewelry